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I used my preps today...

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Adam Campbell:
Sorry to hear about your unemployment. I was fired in 2009 for going to the hospital for the birth of my son. You never know when you will lose your job.

I had about 20lbs of pasta, tons of rice, and tons of canned foods and never went hungry while unemployed for 7 months.

I carry my GHB in my big truck and use it several times each week to cook a meal, MH, or to wash up as I carry a small bottle of Dawn, wash cloth and small towel. I also carry fingernail clippers, foot powder and extra clothes. If it's been a long week I might rob some clothing item out of it.

It helps to get familiar with the gear and get use to finding things I need. Of course this also means that I have to resupply when I get home which is good training also.

Love it guys, keep the posts coming!

Today one of the contractors helping build out our new office space addition got cracked in the head with a pipe – it created a good sized gash which was bleeding pretty hard. Went straight to the trauma kit in my EDC bag and got him sorted out. Some of my co-workers know that I like to be prepared, but I think it definitely put the importance of it in perspective for some (and weirded a few others out who had an obvious WTF moment when I broke out the sanitizer, clotting sponge, trauma dressing and cold compress from my 'work' bag  ::)).

Definitely another moment where I affirmed the value of what we do as preppers! There's been a couple of those this year.

Well the other day had a scheduled power outage at work - I guess a lot of folks forgot.  No issues - my edc flashlight came in handy.  I keep a backup flashlight at work + enough spare batteries to run the radio+.

Some folks thought it was odd I had one - all I had to do was point out you did get the two e-mail messages about the power outage, right?


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