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Great Battery Charger , the ACCUPOWER IQ338XL High Tech Battery Charger/Tester


  Our high tech portable world places some tough demands on batteries and we strive to equip ourselves with the best batteries to keep those wheels turning. This 4 slot charger will handle most every battery for portable devices from AAA,AA,C,D, Lithium from 10350,18-650-26-650 and with test/charge at 500,700,1000,1500 Milliamp while operating from 100-240 AC OR 12 volts DC.

  Simple operation, insert a cell and the charger automatically detects cell type and starts charging at the default rate of 500mA. In addition Charge - Test and Discharge - Test programs may be selected by the Mode button. Charge - Test program first discharges the cell then fully charges the cell displaying charged capacity when completed. Discharge - Test mode first fully charges the cell, then discharges the cell while measuring current and time, then fully charges the cell displaying discharged capacity when completed. Internal resistance is measured and displayed for all cells inserted.

  OK ,I have hands on one and am very impressed with this charger and the price is competitive with other 'smart' chargers at just about $50. This charger does all of the batteries that I currently use and gives me the information (even Cell Internal RESISTANCE)  That it is my new the market for a new charger ?  This may well be the one.

I've had an IQ338XL since you suggested it a while back.  I've put it thru lot's of testing with everything from AAAs to D cells.  Initially it reminded me of my LaCrosse charger, very similar features with the major addition of adding Lithium ion capability.  Prior to the IQ I was using a 2 slot Xtar.  I liked the Xtar a lot aside from the odd occasion I had to charge more than 2 cells.  The one feature the Xtar had that is missing on the IQ was an indicator showing % charge left in the battery.  As soon as you put a Li cell in it gave you it's state of charge.  I like the IQ a lot, but miss that charge state feature. 

  On the "D" cells....I find this charger always charges ,even a cell freshly charged on one of my other chargers....and add a good bit of capacity....the 'other' chargers must just use a timer circuit and I like this better as every charge makes for more consistency from cell to cell.

I havent put my D cells to good use yet.  What I am curious about is how the capacity test compares to the CBA. 

Ive noticed different charge methods between chargers.  The Lacrosse charges with a constant current.  The Xtar uses a usb input and Ive had a usb tester on it quite a bit.  The 1A/ 500mA settings are a maximum.  The current adjusts down as the cell charges.  Idont know what the IQ does but it seems to work well. 


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