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  I know I don't weigh that much, but I think I need to loose some weight.  Grin ;D ;D

Just a note, I did not have time to view the stuff on the ARKs, but school busses are designed with the rounder roof which would product an extremely strong vaulted ceiling.  That shape was used to prevent busses from collapsing on a roll over.  The flat top and sharp edges of the container will not distribute the load.  The edges of the containers are build with heavier steel to mover the stresses down the skins between not so much.

If you have to take down and put up the deck watch the weight and number of people expected to be available, assuming no mechanical lift aids.

just my 4 cents (2 cents 2 topics)

  As you said "we are not to modify the container in any way" , I kind of take it some law or ordnance prevents such. I would also say that a deck,that is built attached to such a container,is a modification and so I suggest you build a free standing DECK over,but not structurally dependent on the a carport. This will add protection to the container though a dozen people on top of a container might not be a safety issue with rails about the container...they can support a lot of weight,but mostly on the walls and corners as they are not built with much strength in their structure.


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