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Shipping container

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Hmmmm. Very possible

It is possible to direct bury a shipping container.  but it HAS to be done in the proper manner.  Take a look at the ARK and ARK II (

He used School Buses - so nothing compared to the steel and design of a shipping container.  The key thing is to build bracing to support the roof and walls while you back fill / pour concrete - And I would pour at least a 6" thick wall / roof.

Once and only once the concrete has set - 1-2 months or so, would I remove the bracing. 


Concrete cures at 28 days

I really appreciate the comments and ideas! As it happens a friend found this website and sent it to me.  The answer is somewhere in the third paragraph.

And the answer is... (drumroll) 330 lbs per sq foot. Now I know all containers are made differently but hey this is close enough for government work.

Thanks everyone!

BTW, there is at least one podcast on containers


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