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Surplus Swedish M59 Jackets - WARM WEATHER BUY

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I wanted to get some warm jackets to throw in my cars for emergencies.  These looked like a good deal:

For $15 for three, I thought I couldn't scew up.

However, I'm returning these.  They are thin, with no liners.  Might be good for a gardening jacket, but not for keeping rain off or keeping warm.  They are not as nice as the US issue field jackets, and are defiently older.

Also, they are sized small.  I ordered larges and they were really tight on me even though I wear large jacket size.  If you do order one, size it up one.

Anyways, instead of these I'm going to salvation army or goodwill to find some cheap winter jackets to put in the back of the cars.

Those are for spring or autumn. I've a few, but wouldn't use them during winter. Good sized pockets, but not very warm... and not meant to be.

If you find a winter jacket though, buy it! I got one for about 10 dollars, that are almost as good as the 800 dollar one I would like to buy... :o A bit bulky maybe, but otherwise excellent!

iron mike:
I regularly hit the thrift stores for mil surp clothing, cargo pants & hunting clothing to pack into  SHTF tubs.

The Swede jackets fall into the same catagory as the Italian / Austrian jackets.   good wind breakers. 

put in a USGI field jacket liner or other insulating layer for working in colder weather.  Put on a parka for spending serious time in the cold

Great feedback guys, I'm changing this to a "Warm Weather Buy."  I can see how these would be a great jacket in warmer climes, unfortunately I bought them based on advertising that they would be warm.  These would be great work jackets in warmer climes, sturdy and thick cotton.

I might just sell the ones I have.

Be sure to keep an eye open for the winter jacket though - it's GREAT and CHEAP!

Basically, it's a personal tent, with thicker walls. It also has a great harness system that lets you take it off for hard work without dropping it on the ground (in the freezing water or snow) when you need to work (chop wood, raise a tent, or whatever). You just carry it on your back without raising sweat - a classic threat with warm clothing in cold weather. I've found similar systems on other jackets, but they cost 200 times as much  :o. Converted to US dollars: my jacket costs 4$, the other ones cost 800$. A good argument for mil surplus, in my book....


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