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Wireless Mic for iphone


I've just begun creating content and for now I'm mostly using my iphone X with a tripod and bluetooth remote. The sound really doesn't work for me though. Sometimes it's impossible to hear what I'm saying if a loud vehicle goes by or there's a gust of wind.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless mic that won't break the bank. I'm not ready to spend hundreds of dollars at this time.

IMHO there is no way to save money when you want good sound.

I don't know of any wireless mics that are really worth it for under $100.

You need a transceiver, a transponder, and a good lav mic. All of those things add up.

You would be better served by going with a mic with a cord... and even then, less than $100 is not going to get you anything very good.

Save up for something that is good!  ;)


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