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Matfer Black Steel Frying Pan


We had been looking into a good alternative to non-stick frying pans and stumbled upon this excellent frying pan. We have been sadly disappointed at the teflon alternatives that have been hyped in the past few years (Orgreenic and the Copper types). The non-stick properties of those two brands have a very limited life. After only a few months' regular use, they stick very badly and are simply trash.

After doing a little online research and watching the vid from America's Test Kitchen (, we ordered one and seasoned as recommended. So far we are very happy with it. We were somewhat surprised at how heavy it was, thinking the weight would be significantly less than our cast-iron. It is pretty darn heavy to lift, so may not be suitable if you need a lightweight fry pan.

After using it regularly for about 6 weeks now, we have gotten it pretty well seasoned and are very happy with it. We got ours at Amazon with free shipping:

Thanks I'll check it out.

David in MN:
I refuse to use non-stick and have found that all non-stick uses are generally better on well seasoned cast iron.

Matfer makes good products. Very popular in industry. I believe I have their silpat and a spatula. If they put their name on something you can be pretty confident it will work.

Steel pans of this type are very popular in restaurants because they work similar to cast iron but heat very fast. It's also useful as a stand in for other things like crepes. You will find many uses.

That looks like what I've been searching for.





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