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Tarred Bank Line ,cordage with strength for only $16 a pound


  I have been using this SGT KNOTS tarred bank line for some time as support line for antennas and such. I find it does well in weather and sun and is much more compact and lower priced than Paracord (my all time 'go to' cordage) The #36 is 486 feet on a 1 pound roll of 100% NYLON that is DYED and treated with tar (it has a slight odor,though not 'sticky' with tar) and is about the size of a cola can for size. While most nylon degrades over a few weeks in the sun,this stuff is much better and great for seasonal or temporary tent/tarp/antenna support at somewhat less than 1/3 the cost of paracord.Resistant to gasolene,oil,abrasion,sun exposure....

  I have paracord (BLACK) that still has good strength after 7 years in the sun and elements though this bank line  has not yet been tested for that length of time.

$16 dollars gets you many strength choices:

# 12  1680 feet  of 106 pound test line             

#36   486 feet of 340 pound test line 

#48   350 feet of 440 pound test line

# 72   235 feet of 640 pound test line  and if less strength and more length is useful smaller sizes are also sold by the pound.

#120 is 130 feet of 1120 pound strength

Alan Georges:
A couple of years ago I picked up a roll of Catahoula tarred bank line at a local hardware store, and it has turned out to be handy stuff.  Jack has this Item of the Day / rant about it:  I didn't do a cost comparison between this and the Sgt. Knotts, just because I've got a half-roll in the kitchen and a steady supplier down the street.

Anyway, it's good stuff that nicely fills the niche between zip-ties and paracord.  I've got some antenna experiments coming up and bank line will be a key component.

Sgt Knots tarred bank line is high value cordage. My 30# sample tested out with a 50% better tenacity per dollar compared to a high value paracord, which also was from Sgt Knots. Serious bang for the buck in a compact package.


--- Quote from: Carl on December 14, 2017, 06:07:01 AM ---#36   486 feet of 340 pound test line 

--- End quote ---

indeed, this is stronger than the 2mm paracord like lines (270lbs?)

BTW Carl is right on insisting on Nylon bankline...
The polypropylene one is 110 lbs test.

I was reminded of tarred line in a SurvivalBlog article a few years ago.  Great stuff at a good price.  When I was commercial diving decades ago our net bags were made from tarred twine.  They took massive abuse in salt water, sun, and abrasion and held up very well.  I picked up a few different weights of it and now use it as my primary utility cord.  I still have a partial spool of paracord that I reserve for nicer things.  But anything for outdoors/camping I go with the tarred twine.  I'll have to check out Sgt Knots, but I would think the fishing net/line supply stores would have the best pricing as they carry this by the ...wait for it...boat load!


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