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Need Recommendations for High Output LED Flashlight for Ranch

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I'm looking to pick up a high intensity flashlight (>700 lumens) for use at my ranch.  It will be used for outdoor applications where I need to illuminate long distances.  I'd prefer to keep the overall price of the flashlight and batteries below $80.

I want something that's good quality and has a true stated lumen output.

This was one option that Steven Harris recommended over at 

To be honest, I don't know much about the 18650 battery but it seems that the battery will be necessary for this type of light of I want longevity out of the batteries at this output.

Thanks in advance.

Personally, for outdoor use and abuse where losing a light is a real possibility, I'm a fan of the cheap DX lights. $50 for two of them, but a nitecore I4 charger with the cigarette lighter adapter and a spare 18650 or two and you come under $80. 18650s are everywhere.  They're rated in Amp Hours (AH). More means more lifespan on a charge. Panasonic leads the pack for lifespan, but they're spendy. Depending on your needs, you might want two sets of 2400ah batteries rather than one set of 3400ah batteries. It depends on your needs. A couple things to be aware of is that you'll always want to buy protected cells, you'll probably want button top batteries (some are smooth and don't work in certain devices), and for maximum safety, avoid the "fire" batteries (ultrafire, Trustfire, etc).  Never toss them on the charger and leave the house. Lithium ion batteries can pose a fire hazard, so be around when they're charging and don't just leave them on the charger to store them. Never put them in a situation where they can short out.

Maglite 3rd gen led

ENDURANCE gave good advise ....I buy less costly lights and good batteries for good economy and more numerous light options.
I use lights like this :

and good Panasonic 18650 (they will cost about $10 each for good ones) and with 3400 Mah being about the top chemistry ,I
avoid those that promise more power for less money...especially those with FIRE in the name...I also recommend the charger that
ENDURANCE suggested as I have had great service from mine for a few years.

I suggest at least 1 "D" cell powered Mag Light and rechargeable LSD (Low Self Discharge) cells:

At $10 each ,in a light that you USE, the LSD cells excel at economy of use and durability.You will also need a "D" cell charger.

Jeremy Downing:
I got this one recently: Fenix TK41 Flashlight.

I power it with 8 eneloop AA batteries. Its pretty awesome on the homestead.


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