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SpinSkins bike tire liners

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Alan Georges:
Seven and a half years along, finally had a legit flat from a sliver of glass.  The little sucker slipped in from the side, just slightly off the part the SpinSkins covered.

In the meantime, I've worn through two sets of tires and three sets of tubes.  Think it's time to spring for a new set of liners.

Liners are required here in TX where we have mesquite trees.  One other peice of advice for people who are not experiencenced cyclist.  Most flats are pinch flats caused by the rim pinching the tube when your tires are under inflated.  Check your tire pressure before each ride and you will have a lot less flats.  Mountain bike tires should flex a little when you sit on the bike as this gives you better traction.  With road bike tires you use the pressure on the side of the tire.  Road bike tires should be very firm with little flex.  Overinflating road tires will cause more wear on your tires.

Alan Georges:
Darnit, no longer made.

OTOH, there are a lot of plastic liners, "Mr. Tuffy" etc., that are getting decent reviews.  And they're a lot less expensive than these elf-spun mithril tire liners.


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