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SpinSkins bike tire liners

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Alan Georges:
I keep meaning to get around to writing this review.  Like every time I jump on my CX bike to go ride the glass-strewn seawall and bridge route along the coast here, and I think "wow, it's been eight months since I've had a flat, I should write a review."  To put this into perspective, I was having a flat about once every two weeks before I put these tire liners in.  So, yeah, these things work like a charm.  I'm using the less-expensive "Duro" version.  At $35, they're not cheap, but I've more than made up for that in not buying patches and tubes, not to mention time and aggravation.  They add a little weight, but with the short-tread offroad tires I'm running it's hard to tell any difference.  In a nutshell, the bike rolls the same as before.  It just rolls a lot longer between flats.

To recap: Eight months with no flats, up from a flat every two weeks.  Light and thin enough that for non-race tires it's hard-to-impossible to tell that they're in there.  Not cheap, but they've paid for themselves already.  For post-TEOTWAWKI or just everyday use, these are good stuff!

Alan Georges:
Jinxed myself!  I knew that writing that review would cause a flat.  Ripped out a stem last weekend while airing the tires up, so yeah, I had a flat but it was not a puncture flat.  Seems to be how the universe works.

OTOH, rolled right through a broken bottle on today's ride with no ill effects.

gonna hafta look inta those

They're fantastic! Also Tufo tire sealant. With those two the only thing left is massive tire failure (like when I hit a man hole cover in the dark that was upside down centerpunching the hooks that secure it).

Alan Georges:
Three years and three months after installing these things, I finally had a flat! ;D   Cause of the flat was a 1-1/4" drywall screw that finally wormed through the casing and the spinskin.  Glass?  Don't make my tires laugh.

Now mind you this is not my high-mileage bike, it's the weekend all-rounder, so I'm guesstimating that's only about 2500 miles.  But still, this long (time or mileage) between flats is darned near miraculous.


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