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I know this seems really silly but I did a search of the forum and didn't find any real information on underwear. I am a big guy. 6'4" and just this side of 250 pounds. I like to hike. When I go hiking it is usually an all day affair. I am completley ignorant of this specialized gear but I know the cotton "tity whities" don't cut it. All you get after the first half mile is a bunched cotton wad  shoved up your crotch and enough saddle sore and heat chafing to have you bed ridden for days. So what do you use? What would I want to be wearing in a SHTF situation? It seems silly but I believe this is a very important thing to think about.

I have tried the Patagonia Active Wear boxer briefs. They are silver colored and are made of some kind of proprietary material that seems kind of like a meshed hose stuff. I get them at a huge discount from the outfitter store where I work and that is the only reason I tried them. They are very expensive. These Patagonia things are very very comfortable. They are like a second skin and I am very happy with them when hiking. The only bad thing is they are very expensive and I tend to live in them in the summer here in southern utah when it's HOT HOT. These underwear do not last though. They get "runs" in them just like a women's hose do. These runs start in the crotch area and usually spread from there. I have purchased four pairs of these in the last year and all of them are pretty much worn out. I lived in them last summer and now I am living in them again as our summer is here. I walk A LOT at my job.

Does anyone out there know of something better? I know there are some called "Under Armor" but I don't have a clue as to how these hold up.

What materials should I be looking for? What brands are best for the back country/hiking? Is this smart wool stuff any good? Is there any place to get good information? I think whatever I use needs to be lightweight as well for carrying extras. I like to have a backup to everything.


I've just always used Under ArmourĀ® and never had much problem with it. Never want cotton against your skin when you're sweating much.

Your right on the money with boxer briefs, I had the same problem. Take a look at Hanes or Jockey cotton boxer briefs. They're great and inexpensive.

I did a lot of research today and I am going to order a pair of ExOficios and a pair of Under Armor and try them both to see what I like. These damn things are EXPENSIVE. I would rather pay $100 though then end up chafed and rashed at the end of the day. I also found a product you can apply to the nether regions that helps with this problem. I will report my findings in a few weeks when I get these and have time to try them.

I know for sure you DO NOT want cotton. Those are ok for the everyday person who works in an office or something. Someone that is doing a lot of walking needs another material. I like the nylon or whatever the stuff is the Patagonia are made of. They just don't hold up. I think these should last for a few years but they don't. I hope the Under Armor or ExOficios are better. 

I wonder what the smart wool is like? If anyone out there has any experience with it let me know. I have some socks made from this and love them. The best hiking for my feet are those smart wool socks in my Asolo boots. There are underwear made from this just don't have any experience with them.

Going Commando once in a while especially in humid conditions cuts down on the crotch-rot :o. Its just one of those areas that need regular ventilation ;)


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