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@ Rand McNally

I wasn't able to duplicate this bug. Did you make sure that after you update the interest rate that you select "Submit Information" button?

The page should refresh and you should see a red message that states "Your debt plan has been updated!"

If you give me more information I'll do more troubleshooting

Rand McNally:
I solved the problem, I don't want to go into details but the error likely existed between the seat and the keyboard.

Thanks again for a great site. I use it to motivate me.

+1 ladieu, this site is great!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us.  I have a fair amount of debt and by sticking to this plan and contributing some extra money each month my household will be out of all of our debt by August of 2017.  Now this may seem like it is far off but, in reality as we (my wife and I) continue to find ways to save and become more resourceful.  Grow our own vegetables, buy other items on bulk or at a discount and learn more of the lost arts.  The time will fly by and we will be so far ahead of the game.  It is a very numbing feeling to see how much interest we are paying out.  But this elephant will be eaten one bite at a time.  Thank you again and God bless you and yours ladieu.

I guess in America you also treat mortgage debt as being less objectionable than other forms, i.e. credit cards etc.?
Here in Switzerland virtually no one fully pays off debt on the residential property they live in. It wouldn't be tax efficient to do so.


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