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Feeding Fish to Chickens

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Curious if anybody feeds fresh fish to their chickens?  I have a pond overrun with Blue Gill.  I'd like to start tossing them to the chickens.  I can't imagine they need to be cleaned?

Morning Sunshine:
from one perspective, chickens will eat anything.  I have seen them steal a mouse from my cats and eat that, still alive (chickens are nasty little beasties!)

I have heard, however, that a diet of fish would flavor the eggs.

I don't see a problem with it, though we haven't fed them fish before.
I consider them like pigs. Pigs know if it's not edible, and I've seen chickens turns things down.

David in MN:
I've seen chickens absolutely butcher and eat a rattlesnake. If reptiles are on the table fish aren't so far? Chickens will darn near jackhammer anything.

Alan Georges:
Never, never forget: chickens are dinosaurs.

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