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Dabbling in wind power maybe..

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I say you layer these, solar and wind.   But don't know how.   Going to eavsdrop on this thread.

These are the companies which are currently certified by the Small Wind Certification Council. Many sources say you should only buy a system which has been certified by them. and

This is one I am half through which explains how wind generation works. In Oregon and Washington we have HUGE wind farms. That said, we are also getting huge solar farms. I drove past one yesterday which might be 10-15 acres.

Part of the reason I was thinking of going wind, was I do not have a building yet, and I do not want solar panels on the ground. But need to recharge my 12 volt system. I also do not have a gas generator. Most things I will be running propane... ie refrigerator, heat, cooking, hot water.

Eventually I do want to go off grid when I have my permanent home for SP and I. I want to be environmentally friendly, I don't want to have to depend on PGE. I don't want an electric bill. I saw how my friends who were on alternative power lived, I have seen the small community of Elkhorn thrive since the 1860's having electric produced on site when most of Oregon still was without. I saw my friends and acquaintances have way more electric than they knew what to do with in the middle of nowhere and have more electrical gadgets and such which would make "The Joneses" green with envy.

I am not saying I *AM* going to do wind generation, but the thought is really piquing my interest. Yeah.. the power line from the road to where I need it to go to my (eventual) building, is about 50-60 feet away. One of the systems I am looking at (just looking) is around $9,000 for the PV, wind generator, the tower, batteries, battery cable pairs, concrete and so forth. If I just go with the electric company, it would cost me $50 for the electrical permit, around $200 for hookup, and then a monthly bill of less than $40. Certainly not overly cost effective, as over a ten year span that would be $75 a month.... but from other standpoints, like if there was an issue with the grid, environmental and so forth, it very well may be worth it.

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Here is a picture for you MSP

If I just went solar, I figure I am going to use about 30kwh per day, if my math is right (and I do suck at math by the way). I would like to estimate high. I just grabbed this listing, as it was a kit all put together sans batteries. It is also expandable. In 2013, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,908 kilowatthours (kWh), an average of 909 kWh per month. Just this basic small system will provide approximately 1,200 Watt Hours or 100 Amp Hours of charge per day. So I figure this system will give me 1200 watts hour = 1.2 kilowatt hours. I need 30 kwh.. so 6-7 more panels (so about $1,500 more dollars plus cables at $42 per set) and who knows how many more batteries. I am guessing 8-12. Am I right? Remember, my math skills are pathetic.




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In total agreement with this.

nice, incorporates a genny too.   are you going totally off grid or just considering it?


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