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Dabbling in wind power maybe..

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--- Quote from: 12th man on August 13, 2015, 01:25:35 PM ---If you will be building from scratch and going off grid, consider how much you can do with solar water.

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This will not be possible for a few years, but something to file away in my postem notes in the brain.


link to an off-grid Arkansas homestead using hybrid solar and their later addition of two small wind turbines.  They have several videos on the channel addressing their wind power installation.

Zach doesn't seem to reply to YouTube questions. However, you may be able to reach him through his website if you have questions about their experience with wind power.

Thank you Bonnie. I have been watching my new place daily and it seems to have 9-15 hour winds on it daily. I will look at your link


I just happened to run across an Amish windmill dealer the other day.  Old school well pump windmills.  The price was not bad.  Good enough it has me rethinking water.  TCO is less than solar for me I think, YMMV depending on depth of well and height of tower needed. 

These guys have complete kits and individual pieces. They build a custom ceramic magnet core inside a very common Delco alternator. You can use it to get power out of wind, water, or your bicycle if you feel like Lance Armstrong (don't forget a supply of illegal enhancers). Powder coated and well built. They also clearly explain good info on industry bs and what you can actually expect to get out of them.


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