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with all of this rain and very little sun it seems my plants are just creeping along in the growing department if not come to a stand still. I am lucky that I have not lost any from root rot yet. One summer I did when it rained so much the plants could not get a chance to dry out. I hope this does not repeat this year.

I think there is watercress starting to grow in my lawn.
I can't walk any where without the ground squishing.
The weeds are loving it, but I'm not up to dodging thunderbolts to get rid of them.
My plants are just sitting there...I can here them begging to come inside.
For every 4 strawberries I picked the other night, 1 was molding.

The good news is that Saturday. Maybe I can get a few of those weeds then. ::)

Eric M:
Seriously accumulating hail and tornado warnings.....  not to mention so many leaves on 495 it looked like it snowed green.

I was right in the middle of it when all H-E-double hockey Sticks broke out the other night.
The chaos the the radio was talking about on the North Shore of Long Island happened right outside the house.
Snapped utility pole, downed trees and transformers blowing out like crazy. What a racket

There was word that there may have been a tornado about a mile away but it has yet to be substantiated.

Enik, I am doing Ok with Tomatoes and Peppers-also potatoes are going Ok.  I got a crop of strawberries and I have gone to pick your own blueberry fields.

I am busy dehydrating sme of the harvest now.

No tomatoes harvested yet...BUT, keep an eagle eye out of rblight as the weather conditions are ripe for that type of outbreak.

Best wishes.



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