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--- Quote from: BatonRouge Bill on June 07, 2010, 07:43:06 PM ---Interesting didn't know that about the losses. so the 24 and 48 volt units would be better yet I guess. Those higher voltages require more rpm  or more poles. I quess I'll stick with the 12 volt unit for a first try.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, your losses on the wire are going to be figurable in watts as the square of the current flowing through them times the resistance of the wire run.  It is, therefore, possible to somewhat mitigate these losses by using larger-gage wire to lower the resistance, but by far the dominant factor is the current.  The higher the voltage, the lower the current for a given amount of power.

That, and 12Vdc is just easier to work with, because so many things are designed for 12V.

What a great discussion. I have just started looking into some type of redundant backup power. Something that will not use gas or diesel. This thread along with some on solar are really increasing my learning curve.
Thanks... to all...


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