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Johnny MAX!:
okay, I need help!
It just seems logical that if it takes electricity to to turn the motor on an electric motor (like a washing machine motor) that if you turn the motor mechanically, it will output AC current! Actually I think it would have to produce current, because the copper coils will be passing through a magnetic field which will induce a flow of electrons.

So, here is what I need help with. I want to use a washing machine motor as a generator powered by wind. (I will use a motor to turn it, so I can test it first). Then I will make blades and power it with wind.

I need your help. I am wanting to convert the AC current from the motor to dc, so I can charge up a battery bank, but I want to do it on the cheap (Of course)

I was looking on the great and wonderful eBay and I found Small AC to DC converters. They are like $3 bucks.
They are designed to plug into the wall and you can plug a cigarette lighter into it. I was wondering if I made several wind generators with motors and used the AC / DC converters will it keep a battery bank charged.

I am wanting to set up a large aquaponics system and all I need the battery bank to power an aerator for the fish tank and a pump to pump the water into the gravel grow bed every hour.

It would be great if I ever get it worked out to set up a battery bank that is charged by solar and washing machine wind power to run my well and maybe my swimming pol pump. ;-)
Just make a circuit for the two pumps.

Any ideas about going from the AC generated my the motor to DC?

Hare of Caerbannog:
I have thought about this many times.
I know almost nothing about electrical motors and generation but have several old motors and squirrel cages sitting around.
I would love to be able to make my own generator out of an old motor.

Johnny MAX!:
Hey! Thought!
What do they use to convert the AC from a car alternator to DC to charge the battery.
I bet what ever it is, it will work perfect for this.
I bet it even limits the charge.
Any auto mechanics here that know?

Johnny MAX!:
i think it is called a rectifier & regulator....

Most AC motors do not have permanent magnets installed in them so they will not function as a generator unless you do a few things first.  One of them is to "flash" the rotor so that there is some residual magnetism so that the rotor can self excite next time.  A common way to do this is to spin the motor with a drill and apply 120vac.

There will be the need to add some capacitors to smooth out a few things, and most importantly do not stall the motor under load, this will cause your rotor to require re flashing.

As far as converting AC to DC for charging batteries.  You would want a full wave rectifier.  You could make one out of 4 diodes and a couple caps, or you could go to walmart and buy a battery charger.


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