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Jeff in NH has given great advice.  Chris is awesome and is worth contacting. 

Safe travels and welcome to NH.

Glad your trip is going well so far. Good luck on the new start!

Glad I took the way with no tolls. I got to ride Route 9 through Vermont. Holy Bejebus that was beautiful.  After 1800 miles of interstate it was nice going though a winding mountain road. Will defiantly be riding that again when I get a motorcycle. I even have some road rash on the side of my car where I love tapped the guardrail. My fault, looking at the view and not the road.  ;D  I was surprised I didn't hit many holiday traffic. Some crossing the Mississippi river and little bit in West Virginia but smooth sailing rest of the way.

Should have planned this trip better though. Got here on Saturday. Everyone is off for the holiday so can't really look for an apartment till Tuesday. Gave me chance to drive around Manchester though. Gas prices also jumped soon as I got to Maryland into Pennsylvania.  2.05 the whole way up than bam, 2.55. Oh well. Still a great trip. Thanks everyone .

  I am glad to see that your trip was mostly safe. I used to live in Falls Church ,near DC,Virginia and ,on weekends,rode the Appalachian Trail and camped in some beautiful country,while mostly eating apples,pears,persimmons left in old homesteads ,the only real problems were sightseers and deer as I then rode a 15 speed bike.

 Laconia bike week I guess starts around June 10th. I have not gone to that in many years, though they have good bands sometimes. Definitely a biker crowd to the max obviously. It's just north of Manchester by 50 miles maybe ?

Hampton beach is a beach resort area on the coast as well. There is a place Wally's that has bands. The popular surf spot is north beach near Cinnamon rainbows surf shop at the sea wall. A good place for cruising, people watching etc

The closest hiking to Manchester is 101 west around Perterborough - North Pack monadnock mountain, but monadnock a little further west is more popular (and crowded). Bear brook park also (no mountains), probably some trails on 89 north also towards VT but the white mountains are nicer though further away. The drive through waterville valley in the whites is very scenic and many trout streams also

Keene NH to the west seemed to be the home of free talk live and a bunch of northern libertarians. I don't know what they have been doing lately, I don't listen to them anymore but they where always an unusual phenomenon.

 The southern coast of Maine is very nice also and not too far.


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