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Favorite gun stores in Seacoast and Central New Hampshire?

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Hey all,

Do folks have favorite gun stores or independent dealers around the Seacoast and Central regions of New Hampshire?

I am on the Seacoast and am trying to expand beyond the Trading Post in Kittery, Maine.  Right now, I am looking for somewhere with a large selection of both used and new.  But I am also interested in finding small, independent dealers who might have better customer service and be open to transfers.

Any suggestions?

Reilly's Gun Shop and Shooters Outpost are both large family owned gun shops  in Hooksett NH.  They are both on the same road 10 minutes away from each other.

Perfect!  Thank you for the suggestions!


 I think there are several smaller gun stores on route 125 in Plaistow NH not too far from the coast as well as some silver and gold coin shops. There also a guy in that area that makes custom bow and arrows

Plaistow is not too far at all!  I'll give them a look.  Thank you!


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