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Not exactly the same things but i thought his was an interesting idea.

I would think two frames, top and bottom for stability would be a better idea but it should work. Just not sure how big it would have to be keep it from spinning too fast for the sails to pivot correctly. I suppose it might self correct since it would slow down once the sails couldn't pivot correctly.

Here is something I think would give you a lot of bang for your buck:

What if you put louvers on the half barrels so the air would lift them on the return trip but they would drop and close on the forward part of the rotation. The spin would not affect them because the force would be sideways to them. 

I bought a used ceiling fan so I am going to see if I can rewire it to make it a generator. If so, I will play with these designs.

saw this wind generator box. but can't figure out how it works... looks like it would be a good idea from my suburban house. If i could get it smaller and put it on ground next to the house (like a trash can), I think the nosey neighbors wouldn't mind :)

wind catcher:

I think they put this on the roof of a building to take advantage of the wind compression as it's forced over and around a structure. I would question their claims of efficiency.....
You can type just about anything in a press release.

There just isn't much wind near the ground unless it's somehow compressed, like squeezed horizontally between 2 large buildings or rows of thick trees (cedar, spruce) or vertically like over a hill. Even then if you have obstructions like houses, fences, shrubs it kills a lot of the energy.
These compression systems have to be very large to work well and are usually unintentionally created. Find them more by observation than creation. For instance, at the BOL there is a 1000 ft long field facing the prevailing wind. Along one side and at the end of the field is a tall cedar hedge (30+ ft.) forming a giant "L". Even on a day with very little wind there's quite a breeze spilling out the lower leg of the "L". Unfortunately a turbine would be sitting right in the center of a communal driveway but with a bit of creative trimming  and planting another hedge I channel that over to the house for cooling and it keeps the bugs down. Gets better every year as the planted hedge grows.

If you try to create one with fences or billboard type structures I think you'll see it go away the first time you get any real wind. Perhaps if you're creative when you laid out your buildings.........

In another spot the wind is forced over a hill, used to be very windy there as well but as the forward slope became cluttered with shrubs the turbulence killed all the good wind near the ground. I originally thought it would be a good place for wind power but since it's 600 feet away from where I need the power I would have lost too much in the transmission to make it worth it.


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