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Stupid questions about wind

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no shrouds are not funnells they manipulate the the air preasure (which may increase useable energy)and often are bigger on the leeward side. as far as breaking the Betz limit it imposoprobable(never say never), if you are extracting heat thats not exaclty wind power now is it?

Funnel is an appropriate analogy at least for some designs.  I am not the only one to use this terminology: 

As far as using heat to break the Betz limit, I would say that is not kinetic energy that people would be thinking of trying to capture with a simple wind mill design.  I am skeptical myself that it can be broken as described by Betz, but was trying to present the discussion.

I freaking love these threads.  I always learn so much and get tons of links to read.  I'm heading in to read the links.  One day, my brain is going to explode, I'm sure.  Till then, this is fun.

Thanks, all. 

The problem with wind turbines is constant wind, not too little wind.  By concentrating the wind, the swings from low to high would also be magnified which would be very hard on the turbine.

I've always had the same question about solar collectors.  Can you concentrate the sun with magnification (Just not to the point of generating enough heat to burn the material) and increase production?  I'm guessing no because I haven't seen any.  But just wondering. 

Obviously I don't know how the solar collector converts sunlight to electric charge (I'm gonna do a little research this afternoon), but Mangy's question sparked it.



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