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Stupid questions about wind

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Bear with me a for a few lines of text and I'll explain my question better.

A magnifying glass takes all the sunlight from the surface area of the glass and concentrates it into a little beam, which gets intense enough to burn ants to death.  Does wind work the same way?

If you take a funnel, turn the wide end toward the wind, will the air blow harder out of the small end of the funnel?  In other words, can you concentrate or focus the wind?

With the same funnel example, can the wind be turned into mini tornado if the funnel is grooved or shaped correctly?  If that's possible, would a mini tornado be of any use for boosting the output of a windmill?

I've been wondering about this for a while.  Thanks for bearing with me and satisfying my curiosity.

good question. I believe that would be a yes...if you hang a flag up in the wind, it will flap and flutter. BUT, if you hang up a wind sock (funnel) it will go out straight and be at least more focused.  I don't know if the wind gets stronger, just more focused, like the sun thru the glass.

I would think only slight improvement with wind funelling, with greater air presure inside the funell more air tends to go around the whole thing  additionaly without sophisticated modelling of the air flow there would be anomolus eddies and whatnot that restrict strict redirection of airflow.....then again i have no idea what im talking about so try it.

it seems to me that there are easier ways to capture more air like more blades(even if this resists axis movment and startup speed) or longer ones, materials permitting.
still no idea fluid dynamics are way to hard for my meager brain

This thread is just about my stupid curiosity.  I've seen tornadoes on television and there was a lot of power in them.  It just seemed to me that if there were some way to replicate that on a much smaller scale, there might be a potential for energy production above what the wind, before swirling it, would normally yield.  I could easily be way off base, here.  And I'm not looking to replicate a tornado large enough to rip my house to shreds, just big enough to spin a turbine.

The other benefit might be that the wind mill, what ever it would look like to harness a mini tornado, might be able to stay at ground level if the wide opening of the funnel is higher up, making maintenance on the windmill easier.  I wouldn't be looking to make the wind hang a U-turn, just redirect it a bit to come lower.

Maybe someone will know the answers to my questions and tell me I'm all wrong about this so I can forget about it. ;D

I'm going to go with no. At least not with enough effect to be useful (like the magnifying glass)

The reason is that unlike light which does not get "backed up" when concentrated, wind has particles that will exert a force on the other wind particles when they get compressed like in a windsock.

So what you have is a windsock that gets "full" of air and the extra air just sort of spills over the edge thus not creating a jet of air coming out the back.

Get it?


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