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AeroTurbine - Becker's Darrieus and Savonius Combination

I can't believe how quiet these things are. I hear they're not as efficient, but it looks like a fun thing to build. If you horizontally mount them, your don't really need the cage to stabilize the far end either.

Hare of Caerbannog:
Around 4:08 they show an artist's version of a building with a row on top of a building and a sort of roof of solar panels above them.
I wonder if you could build a roof to sort of funnel more air at your turbine? The issue as I understand it, is that many places don't have consistent enough breezes. So this turbine turns easier with a lower wind, but it seems to me you could increase the efficiency by a simple roof change.

Good thought.

If you had a building with a flat roof, I bet there's a huge gust of wind coming up off the front face. If you put turbine in that, not only would you catch the wind going up, but also as it goes over into the vacuum behind the edge of the roof.

Anyone seen cost or output info?


--- Quote from: chris on January 16, 2010, 03:20:30 PM ---Anyone seen cost or output info?

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There are plans online for building your own HAWT (Horizontal-axis wind turbine) and VAWT (Vertical-axis wind turbine) and even the simplest designs (think of a Pringles can cut in half lengthwise and shifted slightly apart from each other) have low wind-speed energy generation compared to conventional wind turbines.

I think there is a critical ratio of the diameter of the open space in the middle being roughly 10% of the outside diameter of the winding blades (for the simple design I saw). Of course, the design shown here is more like a helix and doesn't have an open center. This is more helpful in getting it spinning in those constantly changing gusts in the city that come from any direction.


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