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Favorite Piece of EDC Gear. What' some of your favorite gear.

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Billie D:
Since my EDC is basically my purse, I have more room, but don't want it to weigh a ton.
I always have either my Skeletool, or folding knife depending on where I'm going.  Most of my other "have to haves" are in my car emergency kit which continues to grow.

And.. don't laugh.. but the one thing in there that I've used multiple times is a folding wine corkscrew! lmao.
I've saved many a party from the hostess that forgot one ;)

David in MN:
I really really want to say it's my Benchmade Adamas or my SAK Outrider but...

It's my phone. I take pictures of everything from batteries to shopping lists to pages from a cookbook. I look up product reviews in the store. I watch youtube clips about building tablesaw jigs on my tablesaw.

Even in my business it's awesome. I can take credit cards, send clients photo updates on projects, or even let them decide which wood they want based on pictures.

It's a bummer but the phone is king.

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: David in MN on June 01, 2018, 01:30:30 PM ---It's a bummer but the phone is king.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, it's a weird thing but we're all toting around what until fairly recently would've been considered a supercomputer.  Tied into a global data network (usually two different ways), packed with cameras and other sensors, able to handle simple voice commands; these are amazing things.  Inexpensive too, going for about the price of a typical apartment's monthly rent.

It's no surprise that it's the ultimate EDC gear.  As you said though, it's kind of a bummer that such an everyday object – in every teenager's pocket! – is king.

If you are looking for a nice little Mulit tool the little baby Leatherman Just saw them on sale at Sportsmans for $23
the Leatherman Micra its called had one for years very handy

  I have several bits of EDC gear and it is a toss-up as to which is most important.

The COAST one AA powered LED flashlight ($10) can be first :

A low cost Gerber MINI SCOUT 2.5" folding knife at second: (was $10 ,now more)

and a taped shut P51 or P38 can opener with a paper clip,safety pin,and some PVC tape makes for an often used package that easily makes for my most often used tools with a small metal whistle you have a must have kit that will solve many problems. Were I more often in the woods I would have a good compass and fire starter or 3  and a length of para-cord to round out this 'possibles' kit .I also usually have an AA powered radio with me if not a Ham radio...and I admit it is more often just this AM/FM/SW radio :


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