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A medium sized stick is easy and cheap. You can practice with it by knocking dead branches off of trees. It will be faster to maneuver than a bat. A 30 inch long hardwood dowel or similar about 2 inches in diameter. Our state requires an FID for pepper spray.

Kung fu is a soft martial art suitable for women yet effective. You could try to find a teacher who might be interested in an emphasis on weapons training with sticks, some places don't teach that to beginners

There also seems to be many other styles of stick fighting out there

If someone threatens you in a car to take them someplace or else, maybe you could find a hill then with the car moving not too fast you jump out and let the car roll away down the hill while you run away. That would be an interesting legal case if they where injured and it went to court. Technically you broke the law but I don't know ? ? I guess however innocent bystanders could potential he be injured


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