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One of my daughters had a scare tonight, she was driving to her brother's to babysit while they had a night out.  Almost to his house a guy runs in front of her car, she slams on her brakes and he jumps in the back seat on the other side, blood on his face.  (She thought she had locked the doors, but guess not). He is yelling for her to just drive out of there, that someone is trying to kill him, just drive and he'll call 911.  Other guys get to the car and start yelling "He is a thief, he will steal your stuff, let us in."  They start trying to break her windows with elbows, did succeed in breaking a tail light.

She wasn't about to drive the bleeding stranger, possible thief anywhere, and miles from any police station.

She honks repeatedly and drives up in her brother's driveway.  He comes out and most of the guys go back across the street where they had been drinking and having a party, still some fighting going on over there, windows broken.  She calls 911.  Her 11 year old nephew comes out carrying a huge stick to protect his aunt until his dad makes him go back in.  Her brother then goes across the street to talk to his neighbors. Several guys jump in their cars and take off as he crosses the street.  The guy in the back says he is afraid they will mess with his truck or steal something out of it, jumps out of car and takes off too.

Other neighbors are out yelling at the boys and one calls the boys' grandpa (they work for his construction crew and he owns their trailer, rural neighborhood, over half of the neighbors belong to the one family).  Grandpa gets there before the police, party broken up by then. He will pay for new taillight.  (We know him, and he will and he will also do something about his grandsons)  Police are like if he doesn't  replace your light, please file charges.  The guys were too drunk to have a coherent conversation at this time.

She said it seemed like forever before the police got there, by that time almost everyone had taken off except the 2 who were very drunk, and they were back at their place.  We've not been able to talk her into carrying pepper spray but I think she will now.  And she will be more careful keeping her doors locked.  She is wondering how useful 911 is in an emergency since the neighborhood had settled down by the time they got there.  Sort of surprised the police didn't arrest anyone.

She isn't against carrying pepper spray now, but her question is would it have even been of use in this specific case? She didn't even know what was going on, if they were trying to kill the one guy, or if he was a thief.  None were threatening her other than trying to get to the guy bleeding in her back seat. But beating up on her car is not a good thing.  Should she have sprayed someone, if not, when should she use it?

Each case is different and hopefully she will never run into something like this again. What are some suggestions which would help any of us in similar circumstances?  Situational awareness should help and she didn't notice the fighting and wild party until the guy ran in front of her car, getting her to stop.

Mr. Bill:
Wow, what a crazy incident.  I'm glad everyone is okay.

Honestly I would not have had the quickness of mind to decide what to do if I were in that situation, regardless of what I was armed with.

I think she did good not to freak totally out and to get her brother's attention and call 911.

  At the time,she handled the situation well. Observation and security of the personal area could improve and though use of pepper spray in a vehicle would be like using a flame thrower and will involve everyone in the vehicle....sometimes you must to neutralize a situation. I suggest a KIMBER PEPPER BLASTER as a somewhat better alternative.

Wow, what a crazy situation.  I'm glad she didn't get hurt.

I think that she handled it pretty well.  She kept her head and attracted attention.  Now that this happened, she will likely always lock her doors.  So that part of securing her personal space is taken care of.

Many newer cars have doors that lock once you hit a certain speed (15 mph or so)  I don't know if it's possible to add this type of thing to a car aftermarket or not.  I know power locks can be added, but don't know if that includes locking at speed.

She would have pepper sprayed everyone in the car if she used pepper spray.  I didn't know that product that Carl posted existed, some of the complaints on it is it is a stream, so could be difficult to hit the target.  Since it's just 2 shots and not refillable, you can't really practice with it.


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