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Why are there so few women on the forum?


Personally, I like it when the Lady is involved in matters of survival ...
You ask very interesting questions ...
(then any man can hang himself)
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So to speak.
Any man considers himself a "master in the house"
It is not right...
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In fact - the owner of the house is a Woman!

Я говорю абсолютно серьезно, а мужики пусть заткнутся...

Morning Sunshine:
oh fret not, we are here.  we just don't greatly advertise our genders.  but we comment where we have expertise and questions!

Will we kiss?

Unfortunately, American ladies do not understand Russian jokes at all
I realized this when I was vacationing in Miami
Sorry if I offended

This board is for lady survivors and topics of interest to lady survivors, not for banter.

SelivanKA, recalibrate your humor while on the forum.


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