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I'm researching edc gun safes. I used to lock mine in the bottom of a gun rack I made when my kids were little. It worked fine but I want to get my son in-law one for Christmas. I've looked at everything from a $40 Stack-on to a $220 Fort Knox.

I'm seeing that the bio-metrics can't really be trusted 100%. Others have battery draining issues. Some make too much noise and beep alot.

My son in-law carries and I want him to have a nice easy way to lock his handgun up as I'm expecting a grand baby before long. I could make him a gun rack like mine (and I might) but I want him to have a quick, no excuses, easy way to lock up his edc. I don't want my 1st grand baby touching it. I'll probably be buying 2 because I should get one for myself also.

I'm wondering what you all use. 

I have one of the Nano combo safes for each of my vehicles. They would do what you are looking for and they're not overly expensive. I'm currently wanting one for my bedroom because it's upstairs and my safe is downstairs. I've been looking into a simplex-type lock box but haven't settled on one. It seems that every one I look at has a few people who talk about it not being 100% reliable. It's disconcerting to read those types of reviews when the item I'm looking at needs to be 100% reliable.

I use the aforementioned Fort Knox pistol box. To me it is a sweet spot in terms of preventing physical defeats, being quick access and not dependent on batteries.

I've been leaning towards the Fort Knox for my bedroom. Can it be bolted down?


--- Quote from: theBINKYhunter on November 21, 2017, 12:21:25 PM ---I've been leaning towards the Fort Knox for my bedroom. Can it be bolted down?

--- End quote ---

Yes there are four holes in the bottom that you can use to bolt it down.


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