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Keychain flashlight recommendations?

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Looking for an inexpensive light. My main concern is that it will not come on in my pocket and run down the battery. I don't need anything especially big or dazzlingly bright.

Thanks for your help!

I just got a Fenix E15, it's a little big for some but wow am I impressed so far.  Little sucker is BRIGHT with the rechargeable battery installed.  I've carried Fenix lights for a while now and lost my previous one about a week ago.  I think it was an older E15.

$30 on amazon.

I have one of these on my key chain.  It takes 1 AAA battery and has 3 brightness levels, the brightest is 150 lumens.  You twist the rings to make it light.  I've never had ti come on in my pocket.  I'm a big fan.  The wife doesn't like that it's slightly bigger than the AAA battery.

I started out with a nano light and I was pretty happy with it.  It's tiny and is fairly bright.  I just don't like things that take button cells.  As soon as I found the one up above with the AAA battery, I ordered it to replace my nano light.  This works great to find the stuff you've dropped or as a temporary need.  But the coin cells don't last long.

The STREAMLIGHT NANO LIGHT is hard to beat.

At the local “dollar store” we bought a pile of keychain lights that are led and red laser.  Small “hearingaid” batteries.  Great? No.  Useful for a short period, yes.  We’ve dumped them all over the place as a short term emergency “flashlight” to find something better.


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