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Breast pain - perimenopause?

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Just posting here until I can call the doctor's office.   I'm having a lot of soreness in my left breast.  I'm 46 years old and just had a period.   The pain feels like mastitis but no redness, just swollen and sore/tender.  It hurts, did not sleep well.

I know nothing about menopause except hot flashes, etc.

I generally think that hormone replacement is an invention of the pharma people and that I should pursue a natural menopause, but, hormones?

Any sharing of experience would be so appreciated, thanks.  I have a few older friends but have not had a lot of menopause discussions with anyone.  A friend who is 50 has not had it yet.

I'm replying as a husband of a 50-something year old woman, not a woman myself, so take this with a lot of salt...  symptoms you described were not something my wife experienced, either at your current age or when she started menopause several years later.  I think you are making a wise decision to check in with the doc.

Speaking as a younger lady of 30. I had quite a bit of pain right after I had my daughter, and I notice pain occasionally with the onset of my cycle. To me, it always seemed hormonal. I'm not thrilled at the prospect of synthetic hormones either, but I'm not sure of any alternatives. I'll have to ask my mother in law who is an NP, but really into holistic alternatives. When you do go to the doc, don't let them push you into treatments or medications, its gotta pass your BS test. Its been my experience that most of these guys are on auto pilot, treating symptoms only, and are getting incentives from pharmaceutical reps, instead of treating you as a whole person. I hope you have a good doc you can trust.

Mr. Bill:
I asked my wife (60), and she doesn't remember having this specific problem.  But she did say that her mom had fluid-filled cysts that needed to be drained regularly.

I get cysts and they can get very sore. They tend to start just before my period and get really bad during it. They subside a couple days later. When it first started happening I rushed to get a mammogram. No issues. Just cysts. I've also been told by my docs that I have very fibrous breasts. Sounds so appealing doesn't it? Don't freak out but get it checked. It's likely nothing.


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