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Dealing with Neighbors

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CPT Morgan:
Don't take this wrong, just keeping it real.....  Remember that your definition of freedom isn't always the same as your neighbors.  Whether or not your neighbor(s) is being realistic or not, you don't expect to be able to change him do you?

The fact that your dogs may or may not bark really has nothing to do with other livestock and/or wildlife.  Nobody can stop coyotes from howling and your neighbor may not find anything wrong with the sounds of livestock.  As for other neighborhood dogs, he may be complaining about those too.  In reality, nobody likes a barking dog.  Make an effort to train your dog to bark only for security reasons, using a bark collar if necessary.

As for the fence, if it shares a property line then he in turn shares the maintenance.  His definition of maintenance is obliviously different from yours.  However, he can't take things (stakes) that belong to you.  It sounds like you are willing to sacrifice a portion of your property in an effort to deal with this, so I would simply build another fence in-set on to your property that he can't reach.  That said, I would continue to maintain the area between the two fences, so that area could not be claimed by your neighbor at some point. 

Hopefully at some point the guy will lay off and you can find common ground and become friends.

Sorry, I'm not with you on this issue.
6,000 sq ft lot or 5 acres, barking dogs are a nuisance.
We have a dog like most people, and we go to great lengths to keep the barking to a minimum.
We keep our dog indoors, no doggy door for her.
We let her out for potty breaks, and walks.
Left to her own, she would bark at anything she hears.

Melatonin will go a long way towards calming an excitable pet ,without putting him in a sleepy mood.

Maybe the grumpy neighbor should have some too.

Get your lot surveyed if it hasn't been. Once the lot line is established, put in the tallest sturdiest fence you can on your side of the line. Good fences make for good neighbors.

Good fences are the best neighbors. 


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