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I'm getting sick of my pants falling down because of all the homesteading crap I carry in my cargo pockets. If I were a guy, I would get a belt and put some holsters on it. But I'm not a guy, so I don't know what kind, where to look, how to do this like I don't belong in a Rambo get the picture. Any other ladies got this figured out?

David in MN:
If you just want a belt to abuse, Carhartt is a personal favorite for rough and tumble clothing.

If you're really carrying around tools, consider buying a real toolbelt. Any big box hardware store will carry a range of options. It really is the way to go rather than clunking around with full pockets. The first day you wear it and realize your right hand is naturally resting on your pencil, 6-in-1, and utility knife, you've got a bottle of water in the back pocket, and whatever tools you need for your planned task it'll all make sense to you. There are bag sets for all kinds of different tasks (mason, carpentry, lineman, etc.) so you might just find something ideal for you.

I'm no lady  ;D but maybe suspenders is the solution.

I bought a tool belt like David is talking about.  Seriously the best thing ever with all the remodeling I've been doing to the house.  You may find something along those lines that will work for what you carry.  I don't like heavy stuff in my cargo pockets for the reasons you describe in the OP. 

A work apron (men wear them too) or carpenters apron or belt should do the trick. The last link Carpenters BELT should be great.


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