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My multi-tool quest.

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Woo-hoo!  The bit kit fits my Skeletool, too.  That's a cheap add-on to gain a lot of utility. 

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The pink flowery screwdriver sure is cute...

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I have yet to have someone borrow it and not immediately give it back.  Best security ever if you have to work around a bunch of macho firefighters.

Regarding the bat belt thing, I carry nothing but a cell phone in a holster and a gloves pouch on my belt at work.  I wear my XD or Shield SOB in a CrossBreed.  I rarely carry a spare mag.  My flashlight is a compact Sunwayman V10R (single CR123 light with pocket clip), my edc knife is a lockblade 3.1".  When I'm not at work I carry a very small trauma kit with a Compressed dressing packet of aspirin and bandaid.  For work I wear a bullhide belt, otherwise I wear a double D-ring 1.5" nylon belt that doubles as a tourniquet.  I started building up a tool belt for my EMT pants, but too often I'm just tossing my bunkers on on top of my pants and that makes everything in/on the pants inaccessible, so now it's just an empty riggers belt.

But this conversation is why the multitool thing is so tough for one size fits all.  I'm really medically oriented, some folks are really handiman oriented, some are very work oriented... we all have our little niches... it's cool.  I like it.  I like hearing what works for others because I would love to wear a bat belt, but my office job would have me standing out like a sore thumb (although admittedly, having a new director who saw serious shit go down when he was working in the US Embassy in Afghanistan has made things easier for me; we both have our own stash of tourniquets, trauma dressings, and other goodies for emergencies).  Nevertheless, it's an office job and my desk drawer is never more than a minute away and is a hybrid between holistic healing center and a tool shed.

Gawd I hate the interweb.  I didn't need to know this existed:

Aftermarket Damascus steel blade for my Skeletool.  Seriously?  That's just evil.  I love Damascus steel so much my wedding ring is Damascus steel... seriously (my wife is so cool!).


--- Quote from: Endurance on July 29, 2015, 09:58:45 AM ---Gawd I hate the interweb.  I didn't need to know this existed:

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I'll just leave this here.

the Raptor is next on my list.  LOL  I NEED one in my FAK.

We should do something "Nice" for Chem for doing mean things like this.  Perhaps a new moniker is in order......


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