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Am I in the right forum - are there many ladies around?

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MissAnthrope Plant Nerd:
This forum seems to be very slow - I'm surprised.  Are there not many other females around here?  I feel somewhat dismal looking at the sparse posting dates.  Not very active.  Maybe I'm in the wrong place??  Is there anyone (female and preferably middle-aged like myself) out there?

while i am not a lady, i will say when i first joined i found the forums a little slow as well. i know for a fact there are many women on here. give the forum some time and i think you'll start to get a feel for the pace of it. plus once your post count gets up and you're involved in more threads it really picks up. it's not nearly as upbeat as my other go to forum, but i will say this has become my favorite and most visited one.

There are a lot of women that are active on TSPF. More often than not they're posting in sections and about topics that don't necessarily fall under the category of "Lady Survivors" and might fit better elsewhere.

There are a bunch of us here.  Personally, I stay busy (with not a lot of Internet time) and often do more reading than writing.  But I'll gladly chime in if someone posts a question.


I'm here:) The forum tends to slow down some in the spring (at least for me) because its a busy time for prepping. Gotta get that garden going!


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