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Requesting suggestions from the community for things you would like to see for the TSP-DRT.
More Brainstorming. Any and all ideas welcome.

here's a few for your review;

For the victims;
small teddy bears for small children
warm gloves and knitted hats for everybody
comfort foods easy to distribute
doggy treats, biscuts, chew bones etc
some personal hygiene stuff in travel size, maybe a "kit"
disposable diapers in various sizes
blankets from small child size to adult size

To be in the zones that Jack described, I think the responders should all be trained in basic first aid and CPR. Regardless of the mission, if the DRT is one front line serving those small areas not served by the large groups, then I think first aid ability would be very good.

4x4 vehicles with chains & tow straps.  Those come in handy when you have to move a tree or other heavy debris off the road.
chain saws
inverters & deep cycle batteries for charging cell phones, laptops, etc.

It would be useful to develop a relationship with an established organization, or at least gain access to their in depth analysis of the area you are heading into.  Specificially, what is the current state of law enforcement in the specific community being approached (not just an overview of the entire disastor area)?  Other things to key on in the analysis would be: the attitude of the local population (are they desperate to the point of being dangerous?), other groups in the area, services already being supplied, status of utility infrastructure in that area and anticipated times for restoring services, etc.
While the up front analysis will certainly help tailor the type of response you send, the more important reason for doing it in my opinion will be the safety of your team.


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