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TSP DRT worries and concerns, and possible solutions

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The Professor:
Where does the money come from?  Operations, especially extended, are expensive.

Are donations deductible? Can people even donate to DRT?  If so, is it considered "income" or will DRT be Non-Profit? In other words, corporate structure?

How do we limit liability to the organization AND the members?

What sort of certifications are necessary?  Does DRT establish mandatory certification? Does DRT establish proprietary certifications for members?  If the latter, who maintains records of certification?

How do we liaise (if at all) with existing/established organizations or command elements?  Get caught in a secured/protected area and you may wish you had talked to someone before showing up.  Think about those horror stories where local authorities have secured areas.  If you're found there and don't have a legitimate reason (again, define "legitimate"), member may be held as a "looter" or "person of interest."  Who, then, pays for legal fees?

Insurance issues (e.g., if a member gets injured/sick while conducting operations as a direct result of said operation),  who pays? If the individual, will DRT require proof of insurance from each member to participate?

Membership: What is the DRT definition of a member?

Insurance issues: If a DRT member gets sued, does he/she enjoy any particular protection?

Logistics: What organizational equipment will be needed?  Where will it be stored?  How will it get to affected area?  Who pays?  Who pays for storage and insurance? Who is responsible for maintaining chain-of-custody?

Logistics cont'd: while deployed, how is the supply train maintained? How will DRT members be housed/fed/secured?  How is this obtained? From the organization or does the individual self-supply?

Organizational structure: what sort of chain-of-command?  How are people selected for established positions? How do you install/remove people from those positions?  What are the job descriptions? Who decides appropriate duties/assignments?

Security: DRT will have lots of goodies.  How will it protect those goodies?  How will it protect the members?  What happens if a DRT team is sent to Illinois and has to deal with a "marauding gang?"  Firearms are heavily restricted (not even allowed to have certain types unless a citizen of the state, even then, they require a special ID and cannot carry a handgun.  If a "curtilage" is established, they're not allowed to bring a firearm into state unless all necessary paperwork is authorized and completed).

I could go on.

The Professor


--- Quote from: The Professor on November 14, 2012, 08:33:03 PM ---
I could go on.

--- End quote ---

go Professor go!

seriously, I think before anyone gets an DRT ID (if that ever happens), they should have answer these questions for themselves. Kind of a 1 part : judgment of character, and 1 part: you should think about this before you deploy.

Keep it up, because i would rather think about it now then be surprised later.

The Professor:
Well, part of the problem is we first need a mission statement as to what the DRT is expected to accomplish, what it's scope is, and what determines a successful "mission."

Until that happens, we can bat ideas around all day, most of which will be inapplicable and wholly speculative.

The Professor

We can't have untrained people who are answerable to no one volunteering to do work without our direct supervision.
Generally accepted training, Including and introduction to command structure. C.E.R.T.
issues of access and liability
Generally accepted training, do not practice outside your scope of training.
government will track me
Get over it. Just because your paranoid doesn't mean your not being followed. This is the world we live in today.
peanut allergy
Basic knowledge of how to address anaphylaxis. First Aid Training. Most people who have a known peanut allergy will have an epipen.
how do we do funding
Funding should be supplemental. Individuals willing to help wont be worried about who is picking up the tab. They will react with what they have on hand.
how do we do IDs
Personal ID not required. (Outside your normal Photo ID) Showing up with proper Personal Protective Equipment will be all the appearance of belonging you need.
getting attacked or beat up
Buddy system and reliable communication.
When you have a tired / hungry group and start handing out food, etc - it can very quickly turn into a riot as people are not always patient. How do you protect the supplies and the volunteers?
Reliable communication. Knowledge of how to communicate with authorities and other groups in a Grid Down situation. Look up NIFOG to learn more about this.
In situation like Sandy, where you can't get food, lodging or fuel - is the unit self sufficient and do you have the resources to support operations. What is resupply strategy. How long can you be on station before you have to leave.
Come prepared with everything you need. Do not deliver victims to the disaster. No point in being there any longer if you have exhausted your resources. Communication with people rotating in and out.
someone going to sue me
Training, do not practice outside your scope of training.
Many states such as Alabama DO NOT HAVE GOOD SAMARITAN LAWS to protect you.
Training, do not practice outside your scope of training.


I thought I would put it here as I had some thoughts about this the other day. (you may notice I keep coming back to food  ;))

IF the DRT were to get tax exempt status and IF the DRT bought a 'mobile kitchen' (which I think is a good idea as it's self contained) and IF qualified people volunteered to run the 'mobile kitchen' at events DURING NON DISASTER TIMES, the profits could be used to fund the providing of food during disasters. I know if I had a choice between two food vendors at an event, both with good food, and 1 had profits going to help others, I would choose the one that helped a charity I believed in.

You could also have just straight donations at these events and gain some fee promotions out of it.


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