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TSP DRT worries and concerns, and possible solutions

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I work for corner drug store and get 10% - 30% OTC drugs and supplies. It may not be much, but every bit helps.

This is my two cents from some experience. I have responded to very large disasters and know that Proffessor is correct on everything he has said.  So, my input to get around this is very simple and can provide a lot of help legally.  We should look at a group that is set up of friends to help friends.  If we start to plan an organization on this means we can get around alot of the red tape. We send in 5 to 20 people to help repaire a friend's house and happen to help the entire neighborhood.  This way we can stay on their land legally, we have a place to focus on and will get less of a look at by big gov.

I think at this stage everyone is think too big, lets focus on the small things we can do to help out a fellow prepper in need.  Granted they may not need alot of help but by helping out thier neighborhood we are helping them out and may convert others to be better prepaired. Sorry for the misspelling and if I ramble, this head cold is getting the better of me.

Ugh, I do this stuff for a living guys.

I admire the noble nature of this cause, but wow, could Jack have picked anything larger in scale, lol. 

I've been watching this develop since I discovered your mission a few weeks ago & have been listening to the podcast Jack did about this to see what his vision is vs. the reality of getting this done.

I think this can work but I'm gonna need a little time to put everything I know (including funding issues, tax exempt status, liability & personnel issues, the list goes on) into a concise format. 

None of the issues are insurmountable, but some of them are very time consuming & labor intensive. It takes roughly a year to get Federal not for profit, tax exempt status completed alone...just to give you an idea.

I've been involved in EMS & search and rescue since 1996 as both an officer & a ground pounder.  My team split from local & federal EMA management approximately 4 years ago so we could be autonomous. However, being an autonomous entity brings about it's own set of issues & we can talk about that later.

Let me put together my thoughts on what we need to do initially to get started & ill start another thread for that in here.

I was hoping the TSP Dirt was going to be post #16 said.  In San Jose, CA, while CA does a lot wrong, San Jose is trying to set up  and train neighborhood 1st responders to check on people, know how to rescue people under rubble,  some 1st aid and how to put out fires.   I was hoping the TSP Dirt designed to meet  up and help your neighbor by state and local area.   Maybe one TSP Dirt paid person to coordinate a call tree.  Hubby and I tried search and rescue with our German Shepherd.  We had our training through them.

Why not use the FREE training already available?
San Jose already has already free training.  Maybe find out what free training is available by city.  Joining search and rescue and get trained through them, however, the CA commitment required is steep every SAT and monthly the whole weekend.

Without training-
 People getting lost because they can't read a map.  Some areas don't have coverage for cell phones. GPS doesn't work in some areas like Death Valley, CA.  People rioting at the food distribution stations is beyond volunteerism; my friend in the Red Cross has told me stories.


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