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How To Post A Photo To The Forum

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Alpha Mike thanks for your help.  I will use it tonight when I get home from work. 

Prepper Recon:
Thanks so much. That was so easy but I never would have figured it out with out the video.

Thank you so much for this information!  Worked like a charm!

Sister Wolf:
You are both very welcome. :)

I just wanted to endorse the video and put a plug in for photobucket. It was very easy (even if photobucket has changed their interface a bit) to do. I had tried previously to do so with picassa since i already had a Gmail account 30 minutes of goofing around there didn't get a photo posted and about 5 minutes (including creating an account) on photobucket and I was getting pictures posted. They even have it set up that if you click on the url link box it automatically copies the link. You don't even have to ctrl-c to get it. Thanks.


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