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Recommendation For Folding Emergency Shovel

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Take a look at this one.

I have used one of the lighter weight a few times.  It was more drift snow than plowed and harden style.  The big pro was I had it; the big con was it is dang small.   The big down size was the handle length when I was trying to un-high center my car.   My current shovel is a 3 part small(er) style and only good for snow.

The version that Redman posted looked close akin to weapon versus shovel.  Now for ice, that style will work better than the light weight ones.  It does have me thinking that a could be used as entrenching tool has a lot of good uses.  Esp if it's use is more than getting snow out from under the car wheels.

Now for camping, and as use for snow maybe  would be in the expensive but not over the top.   Now that is a shovel you can go to war with  8)

I posted  that link for style, long handle, and the ability to bend at 90 degrees to allow easier removal of snow under the car.  The paint ball spec ops tools are there just for looks.

That shovel I posted might also be very handy to have in some areas of the country now. As you say it's akin to a weapon also.

Good ideas... maybe need to be buying these things for all the family vehicles...

I just realized that I have a few shovels with broken handles.  I might take my angle grinder with a cut off wheel and reduce the size a just throw that in my car.


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