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Preparing for next season of camping

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Zhanatan Forster:
Mini-bar-Q is a very useful thing for camping.
I often go camping and things like mini-barb-Q are indispensable. This is much better than taking prepared food with you. And I did not observe any problems. :)

So what the hell is it?

I'm guessing that he means something like the Weber Q-100, used to be a Baby-Q

I used to go hunting in the spring, and there were several camping trips in the winter with my family on the RV I bought 5 years ago. It was a great experience that anyone should try.

Exercise in general is a good thing but specifically as a preparation for camping/hiking. For me this means legs and lungs; doing activities that work on those will benefit everything else. But feet & shoes/boots are especially important. I did some hiking boots shopping this winter and am spending the winter breaking them in.


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