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Starting an Apple Tree Orchard

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We had fast fruit with plums in Eastern Ohio.  The plumbs produced fruit 2 years before the Apples at the last house.  That tree also died in the third year of production.  I never knew why. We think it was a late deep frost while it was in bloom.  That is beside the point we got loads of plumbs from the tree faster than the apples that were planted the same day form the same source.  If you are looking to see something from your Orchard Plumbs may get you to a result faster. 

We also tried a Nectarine and it never fruited while we owned the house (6 years after we planted it).  We got one or 2 a year but they were gotten by birds or bugs before completely ripe.

I'm south central ohio. Testing things out here. I thing pears would do great here. my goji berry died but a Saskatoon berry is still hanging in.

Plums and Nectarines seem like they won't handle our weather shifts.

Good news, cagedferal. Glad the tree testing is going well... seems like you should be able to find some plum and nectarine varieties that would make it there... perhaps asking the local folks what types suit the weather best. We used to get late freezes in many years, so I tended to go for trees with a late blooming tendency. I don't know if that is the recommended method, but it worked well for us.

I'll have to research the next few months for my big late winter order. I don't know a thing about plums except it'd be nice to have some.

I'm keeping records on everything I plant so I'm hoping to be some kind of expert for this area 30 years from now.  :D

Just an update:  All apples are hanging in and alive. I also planted 2 pear and 4 native plum this spring. They are all still living but I think the deer chewing at them are stunting them.

Deer check my back yard every morning. I love seeing them out the window but I'm going to have to get more "Deer B Gone" to keep them away.  It seemed to work so going to order more.

I'd love to have these American native plums take off like crazy next spring. They sucker out so I planted 2 inside on my property line and 2 that might be a good wind break for my raised bed garden someday.

Anyway, I'm still at it.


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