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I'm looking at moving to the DFW area near the end of the year.  Currently researching areas to look for property, I know I want to stay unincorporated, but I could't find many details about the counties surround the cities.  Looking for at least 2 acres, with little to no restrictions.  I fly a lot for work so access to the airport is a plus, however my current commute to the airport is 3+ hours.  Which of the surrounding counties should I avoid or give preference to?
Palo Pinto

Anything else that I may have missed or should know about?

IIRC, Collin county has some of, if not the highest tax rates around the area. I would look more toward Hunt/Rockwall/Kaufman/Ellis counties, but I prefer that landscape. Seems to me like once you get further west than Tarrant county, everything flattens out quite a bit.

Thanks, I have heard lots of people, including Jack, say to avoid the Plano area so the Colin County thing makes sense.  I prefer hilly, or even mountainous to flat as well.

Mountainous? Not around DFW!  LOL! 
We live in Rockwall and the prices fluctuate greatly, it is getting hard to find a few acres that are "affordable".  Hunt County is also a great recommendation.
The DFW airport is about an hour drive for me from Rockwall.

Good luck and keep in touch!


--- Quote ---Mountainous? Not around DFW!  LOL!
--- End quote ---
Parts of Palo Pinto and Parker counties look like TX hill country.  There are hills that are over 1000 feet tall so it is kind of mountainous.  I would ask where do you work.  Most of DFW is not dense like east coast cities but it is built up city's and suburbs that cover an area about 70 miles east to west and about 50 miles north to south.  You can find a few cow pastures inside this area but land will be expensive.  And keep in mind that our property taxes are high due to the lack of an income tax.  Also keep in mind that our traffic is not light.  driving from one side of the metroplex to the other in rush hour can take two hours. 

I prefer Fort Worth to Dallas but unfortunately I work in Dallas.  The population of Fort Worth is about 800k, and Dallas is about 1.6 million, but Fort Worth has all the good stuff that Dallas has.  The whole DFW area is around 7.1 million.  Fort Worth has held onto its TX character a lot better than Dallas.  Most of the people in Dallas are from out of state.  East of Dallas is pine woods.  If you like pine woods look around Canton.  You can find some rural land on the SE side of Dallas that is affordable.  The schools suck and you have to drive through bad neighborhoods in south Dallas to get to these areas but you can find rural land 30 minutes from downtown Dallas on this side.  Look around Seagoville and Kaufman.  This area is pine and oak woods with small hills.  North of Dallas is growing fast.  Lots of fancy new suburban homes and land prices are high.  You might find something up north of Denton near Sherman or Lake Texoma.  This area is flat prairie with a few trees.  You can still find rural land in the Midalothian Waxahachie area but this area is also developing fast.   I really like the Weatherford, Cleburne,  Grandbury area.  Small hills, limestone rock, great people.  The problem is your 30 minutes west of Fort Worth then you get to drive busy roads to go anywhere in DFW area.  If you work on that side of town that would be a great area.  Weatherford is hilly with trees but it gets dry fast as you go west from here.  Palo Pinto is beautiful land but the towns are dying off and it is a hour drive to Fort Worth.  North of Weatherford it changes from hilly woods to prairie as you go north.  This is where Jack lives. Let me know if you have more specific questions.


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