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WILD GAME... It's What's for Dinner


CPT Morgan:
Having grown-up eating "wild game" meat I thought it would be fun to have a living thread to discuss favorite types of game, cuts of meat, ways to cook it, ways to preserve it, and even the crazy things we make a meal from.  Not only can those who have the experience share their traditions, but those who have no experience with it can learn from the stories and ask questions.

I hear too often...
* About people who leave delicious meals in the gut pile
* How people have harvested an animal and don't know to get it cooled down right away
* About people getting it home and then give it to a butcher to process for them
* That people don't know how to cook it or use it
* That people don't know how to properly preserve it
* That people don't like how it tastes when they eat it (can be lots of contributors there)
* That people never thought of eating that ("that" can be an organ, or a nutria, or even a coon, etc.)
I'll start this conversation out by simply stating that if I was ever told I could have only one meal from an animal [so I had better make it my favorite] I would choose the HEART.  For me, the heart of a deer or an elk is the most coveted meal on the entire animal and if I ever approach you while you are field dressing an animal and notice that you have thrown the heart out with the gut pile, I will have no problem asking if I can have it.  I keep a zip-lock bag in my pack for that very purpose.


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