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I want to be a better stalker

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Most of my life I've relied on ambush as my primary method of take; go in early, hunker down, sit and wait and let the animals come to you.  In general, I've had success, but this year the deer just weren't moving in reliable patterns.  I think the wet spring gave us so much grass, they have little reason to move.

In any case, I did some stalking and discovered it's a skill I need a lot of practice at.  For one, conditions were far from ideal.  It had been over a month since the last significant moisture in the are, so every pine needle, blade of grass, twig and branch snapped with a tremendous report.  Moving quietly was not easy.  Compound that with the fact that since I'm an ambush hunter, I wear clothing that'll keep me warm for sitting down for several hours without moving.  That means a 1000g insulated hunting boot that wasn't designed for stealth. 

Should I look at getting a different shoe/boot for stalking?  Other than being aware of one's surroundings so you minimize twig snaps, etc, what other gems of advice would you give to someone looking to get better at stealth movement?

Morning Sunshine:
Title double take.  Had to look at the board it was in to figure out what you were talking about.  Since you are a mod, I didn't figure you were breaking rule #1:

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but still wondered.  ;D

You can stalk game in legal hunting season. It's a way to hunt, like sitting in a stand waiting for the prey to come by.

You can stalk game in any season,learn to walk...not stomp...the ball of your foot striking earth first...not the heal.
Take a camera and stalk small,or large game...learn to walk in irregular a varying pace.
Read TOM BROWN TRACKER series...great books.

Get a camera and try 'wildlife photography'. Make it a simple camera - without a 50X zoom - so you have to get close. A half-way decent point and shoot would be better than a single lens reflex as they are smaller, lighter, and most importantly, quieter. Don't try to sneak up on the critter. They know you are there long before you know they are there; trying to be sneaky will only be interpreted as a threat and they will react accordingly. Be cool about it and no telling what you may see:



Also, make sure you are not practicing your camera stalking with something that can kill you and eat you, or make you wish you were dead and digested.




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