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I am looking to chat or maybe meet up with other folks in central Texas, near Temple.  Any women out there?  I would feel more comfortable chatting with other women, but I am open to meeting anyone.  My interests are many, but right now I am enjoying hiking, gardening, soap making, cooking, and riding my bike.

I'm in Holland but not a chic.  Good to see another tsp listener in the area though

Hi NR5P!  Yes it is nice to see someone not too far from me. I don't have access to the meetup section in our area yet, since i am new, but i will keep an eye out. And regardless of gender, it's still good to know there are other TSPr's nearby.

There is a small minimum post count requirement on the meet and greet boards. This was established for a reason. This is so we get to know you a little better before we start setting up meetings.


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