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What to with a Coyote after a kill?

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--- Quote from: IronTeaCup on February 17, 2015, 05:52:44 PM ---lol I am talking about Coyotes then it turns into llamas.... I am in a small house right now and dont have any sort of homestead to have any animals.

--- End quote ---

You can rent them for packing: (sorry this one was not in AZ, but the other link is)


That kinda sounds like fun for elk hunting or something then.

The only coyote I ever shot was put on display in a nature center.  I knew they were updating their displays.  So, I called them right after I killed the coyote.  You might check around for something like that to do with a coyote.

There the only animal you can hunt on sunday in pa

Since chickens are scavangers, why not feed the coyote, after skinning, to the chickens ? It would be good for them, I would think, and no waste.


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