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My 2014 Elk Hunt

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Nice! We elk hunt this year but we are thinking about going next. We usually go to wy and hunt with a local/ buddy. It's cow calf tags for half price. But you have to put in for a draw.

Can't wait!


It is still elk season in spots around here until the end of the month I was told while I was hiking, by some hunters... as I was in dark clothing and has a donkey with us on the hike.. *Yikes*

But I wonder if the season is not over.. as I saw this herd of 30+ the other day not far from home. We sat and watched them for awhile and I was unhappy I did not have my 12x zoom camera with me, but glad I had my cell phone camera. I just wanted to share and thought this was the best spot for it maybe. Move if required please. I have been at the farm for two years now, and this is the first time I have been able to see them although we see sign all the time. I hope to see them again soon, and have my 'good camera' in my truck all the time now... just... in... case.


If I get some free time to study the regulation guide, I'll see what's open near your home.  If there is something open it's likely a "cow" hunt, "youth" hunt, or a "black powder" hunt.  Definately no "general" season rifle or bow hunts.

Just checked. . . .  Quick glance, it looks like you have a cow hunt open near you.  I'm not familiar with the unit names and boundaries in your area, so I'm not for sure without more study.

Yeah, the hunters I met up with said it was for cow. And not in all locations around me. So it was not as nearly safe to hike where they were, but they told me which forestry sections were closed where I could still safely hike. I was actually surprised on what was open and what was closed.



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