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this is what I finally found:

They are in Michigan. they shipped bare root trees quickly and they looked good. price wasn't bad either.
we got kentucky coffee tree, black alder and speckled alder trees
I think they ship all over the continental US and even Canada, I think.

A bunch of Northerners use Lawyers Nursery.

Last year I ordered moringa seed online, scarified by boiling water method, let soak for 24 hrs. Planted five in various areas of yard. Morning sun one is over 9 feet tall, others range down to five ft for ones in the most shaded areas. Next year I'll have seeds for more.

Also went out to a local park and got some bean pods from mimosas found at park, used above method and planted 4 or five seeds (2 in hole) and after one season they are about five feet tall.

Also ordered aronia berry cuttings and got a couple of them going, they are ony about three feet tall.

Inexpensive and effective.....



The Missouri department of conservation offers bareroot seedling trees from November 1 - April 15.  Shipping is $10 extra for out-of-state orders I think, but if you're ordering a lot it's worth it.  They have a huge variety of shrubs and trees.  I got a bunch of black locust and mulberry for .32 apiece; cheap enough that I could use Mark Shepard's STUN technique and not worry about trying to keep them alive.   Most are doing well three months after planting :)


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